Made in Italy, made in Puglia

The No’ clothes and the accessories reflect the deep connection with Puglia, our beloved region in Southern Italy.
We like to think that the No’ creations tell not only our story, but also the suggestions and the colors of Puglia: the clear blue of the sea, the bold blue of the sky, the warm yellow of the fields, the white of the lime walls and the trulli huts, the dark brown tones of the earth and the vivid ones of the flowers, the shrubs and the trees.
This connection with the land is also a key factor in the production chain. Every garment is developed through a network of local artisans, that share our project and our philosophy; a team (composed almost entirely of women) of seamstresses, embroiderers, crochet experts, cobblers with years – sometimes decades – of experience, heirs and heiresses of a traditional knowledge, passed on from generation to generation, which is revived in our collections today.

From the fabrics to the clothes: a sustainable path

The No’ project has been based on an ethical and sustainable idea of fashion from the start. We wanted to build an entirely local production chain, while also focusing on the materials.
In fact the No’ collections are made with yarn and materials that derive mainly from natural fibers: cotton, linen, viscose, straw, raffia and leather. Furthermore, the majority of our cloths are entirely made in Italy. They are often residual fabrics that come from unsold stocks, old tapestries, remnants of furnishing textiles and fabric samples.
We also incorporate details, textiles and inserts that we collect during our travels in Indonesia, Morocco, Israel and other destinations, as well as high-quality African wax print cloths.
Therefore every object and every garment (we usually produce a limited amount of pieces, according to the availability of the materials) is truly one of a kind, because it tells an original and personal story of unique revisions, connections and impressions.

Style for everyone: beauty and practicality

The No’ creations pay attention to fashion trends, but without being passively influenced by them. We take inspiration from a timeless idea of style that goes beyond the latest seasonal trends, in order to design clothes that will last over the years.
Our creations are also designed to fit and celebrate all body types, even those you usually don’t get to see on the runways and in the advertisements. The women that choose to wear No’ should be able to feel beautiful, comfortable and good about themselves. We want our costumers to wear clothes that are unique, original and practical at the same time, that wrap them in soft and breathable fabrics, that are elegant but also suited for everyday needs.

Our story

It all started with a blouse.
Actually, it all began with us, Norma and Stefania, two sisters who wanted to transform their lives. We have always shared a great passion for sartorial clothing, that we expressed in different ways: Norma has built a career in tailoring teathrical costumes, while Stefania has been working in the fashion industry for years.
In 2016, when we were both reinventing ourselves professionally, the blouse came: a simple piece, designed and sewn with the fabrics we had at home, in two versions, one for each sister. Everytime we wore it, people showered us with compliments. Soon friends and acquaintances started asking us to recreate the blouse for them. And then they asked if we could do the same for their daughters, family members and friends.
A few months later, we designed a small collection, and shortly after we opened the No’ store in the beautiful Polignano a Mare. The rest, as they say, it’s history.
And the blouse that started it all? The blouse has been restyled and is still part of our collections…it’s still a costumers’ favourite!